Firestone Tire Dealer Near Me (2024)

1. Tire Stores Near You | Firestone Tire Dealers

  • 1. Tire King. 2.1 mi away. 2321 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas Texas, 75215. open - Closes at 7PM. (214) 421-7427 · 2. Firestone Complete Auto Care.

  • Find a tire store near you with Firestone tires and schedule an appointment for tire installations.

2. Find Firestone Locations Near You

  • Find Firestone Complete Auto Care tire places near me for excellent auto repair and service by highly qualified technicians. View store hours, offers, and more!

3. Firestone Tires Near Me in los-angeles, california

  • Visit your local Firestone tire dealer in Los Angeles and choose from a huge selection of quality tires you can count on—no matter what your day has in store.

  • Shop Firestone tires for sale in los-angeles, california. Your local Firestone tire dealer is a great place to go for the right tires at the right price.

4. Shop Firestone Tires For Sale in Los Angeles, CA

  • Find Firestone tires in Los Angeles, CA at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care. Shop tires online or come visit in person for Firestone tire deals.

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5. Buy Firestone Tires in Studio City, CA

6. Find a Agriculture Tire Dealer Near You - Firestone Commercial Tires

  • Firestone offers the best commercial and agriculture tire products & solutions. Find a tire dealer near you today.

7. Bridgestone Tires Near Me in los-angeles, california

  • Close Me ✕ ... 5 mi away. 600 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles California, 90044-6368. (323) 750-2840 · 9. Firestone Complete Auto Care ... Visit your local Bridgestone ...

  • Who sells Bridgestone tires in los-angeles, california? Find your nearest Bridgestone tire dealer in los-angeles and shop car, truck and SUV tires today.

8. Tires & Auto Repair at 11905 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, CA

  • Car problem? Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care at 11905 Ventura Blvd for tires, brakes, batteries, and more in Studio City, CA. Appointments available!

  • ‹ í½ëzÛ8²(úž­>kbODÝmù;ã8NâîÄNÛN2==½Ö†DH¢M‘j’²­xyû5ö¿ó÷¼Æ~”ý$§ àAŠ’Äqz&¡H\ …BU¡ªPxöÃËãý³_ߐQ0¶wÿòÿ!6u†;æTvÿBȳ£&>àŸgcPÒQÏgÁNeŒ ©§?‚`b°?¦ÖåNåƇ=cßOh`õlV!}× ˜uv˜9d™Ú³Ê¥Å®&®H®,3í˜ìÒê3ƒÿ¨Ë±‹Ú†ß§6ÛiʍV`³Ý}ê‘3Ëc>ù+O¶É ›PË#4 Íæfc|„¦§%/ìKZ#§ÁÔ´\²o³*Ùß#ÿM^aíÀuÁaØ,`do@ê±guÑKØgz&óûž5 ,בF MZ¾öéÀõH€Õª¤çÑþ/ æYøH“Œ]¨œPìM&®åchÎ'ô’Z6`~ˆQ÷̶œâ1{§bõô‘Ç;•:õaÊýºiùAÝÓ!óëz‰EjgX!Álƒæ_êüEª=ÑR†¿U¯Û.ÌWm»›Â¨û0輨C †éX´îó1}C#øÈ0z€ŒzE@Û§ŽëXP-éZL@LløŒóQ·Í§ç¾‹~Sù;Ÿ›ë ²ÅáðüþˆiÍõ†õJµòw¬ß"Ð/¦¾å0߇÷Ô4-lŒÚï=w¼`VÙúí&.½üHí)ƒâ“ð÷áKìˆúû°ˆ†–3< 8H~å¶Z¾ò›Yϳ̧g²|e@¹k_–/°ñdßv}f–¯3¶l+ ÞlÔºñàõ%ÿ¼Uy}rðšìíüºwT¾*wùZ@„;Dʕ ˆhÕïšÍšßgërº´|Aþuœ¡ ` ÊÆƆqp+ÐõzSË6aj}kèøíEà ;tü ë/H7í_@ü`͌`ÄÏ¥ær-Сgõ§6¬I¶\°ýé˜y†w¹\¶>3¯K³HRÆ/jç“!ïjèÞg{¨e@{Eڔú@ª~ãN=ÿ‹5e V²O}ǹT+}|&7¶ ø¼3éìxð‰±­L=:P „ k6¢šœÔï¤Í’ ½sUºß¤³)óLŸ˜é<<¨ÎFÐÌCêh_ ¤ÒëŽÍ ¤ê°™Êïôž8†¼1Úªü4µg¤Œ„ܲL¡ðºÕhuŒF×àBƒ8yît8JC¸f³É8`,6àûÚf·¥ð?@åtºE8¿18Þ Ä;×xåÁË.¹)^žÒø /ÝàÀ)(ÿæ¡óÞ¦}–’¢üE̓#aGmPQIïaomªäì`™IpÀåTQ/¡° ;Q$°ÒUzß·d‡¼PÒcҌ¦Ã¥jq/jeµ£Ì÷å”ñSϖr™M)Öº«%+IK!íŒïžE”º»Â+ïä¿6ìZ…ô>Ä[äÂúûãS`7¿ßcó:ËÇ-7sÔ?-oôƪ›Øl%qu¢cëRA1K¤ò‰õÞó sòM¬_Rù²67¹Ç”$!׶&k`ˆ(µÎ¤Ñjúþ•QìUé3ÚÊmËáËK€·ºà:©†3ò¥¸HØÏݘ )ÉMêZvò7}¶÷o-?‹À*㻃Ð҉ĞØdáÃ!Ì݌ Y啸P±L(UO”‹h¡ù•[Ù®¢m§•iG–¼:­h~›í¢6SÒQ«çÍï S¶!Ä}ê¬2·¿Gtò—¡R‚Yä OÒþL,s§ån ß5o@#ƀŽ-{¶e9#`¯Á6wÅp}m­5Û¸”Œ‘øݬ5·û®ízQé[hdÌmèF...

9. Firestone: For Weathering the Weather

10. Los Angeles, CA Auto Service & Tires - Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • We're your local car care center, tire store, and automotive shop combined into one. And that? That makes taking care of your vehicle amazingly simple. Our ...

  • ‹ í½ÛzÛ8–0zßOVïîØQgŸãÔ8Ž“¸;±Ó¶“tuOMÿ I´)RERvTïoÞa_ýwûv¿Æÿ(ó${- $A¤(ÛI15I}•P$À:caáÙï_ž^üøþˆL©óüwÏðâPw¼ß`nãùïy6aÔÂüólÊBJÌ õî7æáÈØnvúó$gûyn_ï7þn|80½éŒ†öÐa bznÈ\¨{|´Ï¬1ËÕvé”í7®mv3óüP©pc[ádßb׶Éþ£Il×mêI¶ßUíÐaÏßz9pÇÌaA“ƒyè‘sæc#äOt:Û#¶ÏòŸäþz.ㅞµE²¹4tLߞ…¶ç* ¾õ¼+ۓ‘ç“k’¡O¯ø¿4™oã#u-2õ|°“,tï 4 t6ól7œB³„† d8“ˆäB3ð$œ@ÍtmQ˜gb⧅7'.cV+ž—gŽí^Ÿ9û ÛDà'>í7Ú4€õږ„m{JÇ,hè5iÍÜqƒ„‹›ió©öD#¸ìÁn»íx°­Q³)A¦ 1BՂm(a¬®M¡x`P1í† Í¤®çÚP&éGÌ·„¦ÇÏ8ýmÇzzxUñÏm¼`ã+ó9lìÀ˜6¥-Ï7šJAlK}bÃ÷0Dõ.8~º7"©©xÃÛ¬-Â(@™ëãü³qnCCŸl&¨qh‡‹ÆOJ1Io=±0PáVYÝDó.Új6¨CviÈNøœg¦<Ƙ&ù

11. Lancaster Firestone: Auto Repair & Tire Shop in Lancaster, CA

  • Lancaster Firestone proudly serves the local Lancaster, CA area. We understand that getting your car fixed or buying new tires can be overwhelming. Let us help ...

  • Lancaster Firestone is a family owned auto repair shop delivering honest and professional services to Lancaster, CA, Palmdale, CA, Rosamond, CA and the surrounding areas. Schedule your appointment with us today!

12. Find Firestone Tires Near Baldwin Park, CA

  • Find Firestone tires in Baldwin Park, CA at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care. Shop tires online or come visit in person for Firestone tire deals.

  • ‹ í}ÝzÛF²àý

13. FIRESTONE DEALER TIRE STORE - Updated May 2024 - Yelp

  • Firestone Dealer Tire Store ... I took my vehicle to this Firestone, not only did they save me from buying an air… ... Service Offerings Nearby. Run-Flat Tire ...

  • Specialties: Firestone Dealer Retail Store, passenger & truck tire service and complete auto & truck repairs service. Established in 1972. Firestone dealer opened in 1972 as a full service auto & tire service center.

14. Find A Michelin Dealer

  • Use the search tool or browse popular cities below for automotive tire dealerships. For motorcycle and bicycle, contact your local tire retailer to purchase ...

  • Find a Michelin Dealer Near Me. Are you in need of a tire shop that sells Michelin tires? Enter you city, address, or zip code and find Michelin tire dealers.

15. Shop Firestone Tires Los Angeles, CA - Globe Tire & Motorsports

  • Remember Globe Tire & Motorsports is the number one Firestone tire dealer in ... Harvey Firestone founded Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1900 to supply ...

  • Shop Firestone tires in Los Angeles, CA. Globe Tire & Motorsports offers great deals on Firestone tires in Los Angeles, California. Use our online catalog and save today!

16. Find Tires in Los Angeles, CA - Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • Your Local Tire Shop in Los Angeles, CA. Find premium tires in Los Angeles at your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Let our team of tire ...

  • ‹ í}ëzÛF²àÿyŠ³‰c‚WÝeÙ#ˊ­‰-9–O&“s4IH À  dE£ýÎCìŸý·÷5Σì“lUuh ””Dɱý%¾TWW×­««Ÿ~ñòäàìûw‡lMÝgzŠÿ0×ôÆ{ î5žý‰±§nÚø€žNyd2kb!öóhdl5X'ûyE3ƒÿ4w.÷7>ìþtfFÎÐå fù^Ä=¨{t¸Çí1/ÔöÌ)ßk\:üjæ‘Ráʱ£ÉžÍ/‹ô£ÅωÓ5BËtù^Om,r"—?ûÚñlvæ<„²ì²}oÌ]¶ØÁ>ûû?E¾Çéòˆ³ýyä³3àO;¢ Ùb@›‡VàÌ"Ç÷_ñˆEÎg<§²~MµÔ,€µÙwNèD•ð°‘0_ÉvÿlNg»Ðz™®k" ,äb'l³|*(ý®„T…ÖNðôÔu¼pw¯áX8’IÀG{ŽÂü†Û £Ž35Ç<ìŒÌK,Ҟy㋮g€úÒ¡™öD#HáN§ãú09íQ<0KŽË„aY0ª6¼è@ Fç9& SÀÜ¡v@Ëô|ρ’iob $4ælæÂgDDǵŸœ‡¾ `üs“Ìaã¯4YŸ¢Æ#ÂКð©Ùöƒq£¥Äf±ÔG>|U¿! à§û—ÚžJMÐì”Œ¹ J~hœ:ÐÛGdž6ÎÌ13‚?*¥å‚yã‹ù‚z7ÊÄèæ%žŽÆ]ÃOӍxà™?¦©hdq“S‹} ÁmvAÙ*z…òؚmˆacç&é睏ٗ’"²‹ ”4ñži@ƒýôå?÷¢ ë|8mܶ Y¾ÚÕ+îø~`;ž„ç!šÛøm0hooºÛ|í{ãø½Ñëmµûk›[Ûð%C?S1l?à&v‡ˆ5ÛGÞ;×´¸Ú7á%EKŠ9 Ž«Ð:\9qwXóä½P™4–ZèŒ=glˆ XèôÑënn­!´jSâJÆн´;€ˆ‡h}{7\Ó°îñqܸº‚Â7/L©0¤”½©|ë4.!è£¥¶Âðú´"?À*_ʅɞ1Û¹lg~5’z·Ù¥<»&ôÚwmŽ­è¡9 Ʀçü¬!e¦Ì2í\×÷÷ÜĞûÝþšò5HÔø÷þ<`´x‰±S``žª²4¢Hö€rL6}K²«#VìҒŒÕe­,{,Á¶‚ùtød»Z–óߺ| sNd•p üp€¾g>â3½U"nâØPª£²Wظ½m-h§_hGe :Ö´¸ÍAU›n¡•‹;X«Ûœû¤!ooŒ©áOr`’¢ëXó„OÊzfŽ úP   :ôì¯Æ44bù†TãUO¾Mr;›ôn,ßõƒ/ƒÁîÞW×ÒÎF·+~‡ÎÏ|§¿1û´‹«È˜ˆÏƒ.¼˜šÁØñvº¬Ëzðûö¯Sn;&[šŸDŸ;››³O͛’®Óö{[¹öû½¤}cèG‘?ÝY‡Ú‘?»šÖÅ8 ijØ|mcm¸;ÁÉÙi7þ˜¶3wºTMéû®-˜íÙ½Š2¥%@C¾àȜ:îõÎ7 LЕ=¦¢¶›ú ^¨S±Ö…þa%ñ±\C©À!ØØØX‚ýKî9Òu/?«Ku×ehäœ/ÄaYCl2x`œ®å¶¹ÌÀØÜeíaäÅ@F£/œ)®+õ ^ïô"žÚϗÝî¦i­-Bð¤ÿÌlہ?³ý+ψüñØå7Ë7“"âÙCµˆb´‹¥)FÖ+#:˜˜EM|éã6f¦ÇaNg¨ø²0 @‡n#+ff<ÇV㶘×4„§©=Õ$|¨u'ÿžŽüuPü’D_`ñf“!zš’³›,ð°,y”IE„„\—¡ êà,SPf¸²Fâmo÷*$^^bÆn؁yŃLéþÍ,GÇ#˜è’»QÑfGh€îŒvÃ'2P$\¦}>aڻݯvQ-Ð~¹úöuÑ­g^ÞØN„p½3°.nM™†  À€Î@Ñõ¢[±ŒnÔܲJGÙÞØäS–Q#øô֙ŽoÄ, Ç n$5t“aýOX.‘ˆ¯`þÏeßô¯o‡sP¼dˆÈŽã·w¢]1 ù+...

17. Jobs at firestone complete auto care. Our automotive technicians care ...

  • 22 minutes ago · ... tire offers, and find a tire dealer near you for professional installation. Go to for all your vehicle repair ...

  • 404

Firestone Tire Dealer Near Me (2024)


Are Firestone tires OK? ›

At the end of the day, Firestone is a reputable choice for basic commuter models and some all-terrain tires.

Who owns Firestone tires? ›

In May 1988, Bridgestone acquired The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, which transformed Bridgestone into one of the world's largest tire and rubber companies.

What are Firestone tires known for? ›

Comfort and capability should be year-round conveniences. That's why Firestone all-season tires are designed with traction to grip in wet, dry, or light winter conditions. To handle the road any time of the year. And to provide the solid performance and reliability Firestone all-season tires are known for.

Who makes Firestone truck tires? ›

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Former Firestone Tire and Rubber Company headquarters in Akron, Ohio.
RevenueU.S.$2.09 billion (2004)
Number of employees33,000
10 more rows

Which tire is better, Firestone or Bridgestone? ›

If you prioritize value and everyday comfort, Firestone might be the better choice. However, if you demand top-notch performance, fuel efficiency, or are willing to pay a premium for the latest technology, Bridgestone might be the way to go. Choose your champion based on your needs and budget.

How long should Firestone tires last? ›

Bridgestone recommends that its Bridgestone or Firestone brand tires be removed from service after ten years regardless of their remaining tread depth.

Are there any recalls on Firestone tires? ›

Bridgestone is recalling 10,380 Firestone Transforce HT and Firestone Transforce AT tires in size LT275/70R18. Affected tires were manufactured between May 2, 2021 and May 8, 2021.

Is Michelin and Firestone the same company? ›

For example, BFGoodrich, originally an American company, was bought by the French manufacturer Michelin, and Firestone is now part of the Japanese brand Bridgestone. Although such brands can still be called American, they belong to foreign companies.

Is Bridgestone better than Michelin? ›

Michelin has been in the tyre manufacturing industry for 125 years and produces nothing but top-quality tyres. Though it comes second to Bridgestone in the tyre industry, it makes sure to give tough competition to its rival.

How much should all season tires cost? ›

General Tire Pricing
Wheel SizeAll-Season
Medium (16” - 20” wheels). Typically fit crossovers, SUVs, small trucks, and vans.$100 – $250 (average cost per tire)
Large (18” - 26”). Primarily trucks, all-terrain, utility, and performance vehicles.$140 – $170 (average cost per tire)
1 more row

How long should tires last? ›

The straightforward answer is “it depends.” A normal set of tires should last for 60,000 to 75,000 miles, or about four to five years. But there are a few key factors that will affect your tires' lifespan.

Who makes Walmart tires? ›

Douglas is the trademark for a line of tires owned by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, which manufactures the line and sells them exclusively through Walmart.

Why did Ford stop using Firestone tires? ›

Ford argued that the tire design led to higher operating temperatures than similar tires manufactured by Goodyear; that Firestone tires' relatively small wedge, a strip of rubber between the first and second belts, made them weaker and more failure-prone than comparable Michelin tires; and that there were manufacturing ...

What country owns Firestone? ›

In 1988, the company was sold to the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation.

Is Firestone tyres a good brand? ›

Overview: Firestone is a mid-range brand known for producing tyres that are ideal for everyday driving. It is owned by Bridgestone, a premium manufacturer, which means its tyres benefit from shared expertise, although they do not offer the same level of performance.

Is Firestone a Tier 1 tire? ›

Tier Two is made up of the tire companies' mid-market brands. “The marketing effort for these tires is not as extensive as for Tier One tires.” Examples: Firestone, Dunlop, BFGoodrich, Continental, Yokohama and Toyo. 3. Tier Three is made up of “value” brand tires.

What is the lawsuit against Firestone? ›

Consentino v. Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC

A new class action lawsuit out of Florida claims Firestone Complete Auto Care has automatically added its road hazard warranty and other charges to customers' tire replacement invoices without disclosing that they are optional services.


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